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Hire remote talent in Latin America

We match US businesses with exceptional remote talent in Latin America (LATAM) at a fraction of the cost of hiring domestically. Save time and find the best talent by letting us handle your search. Pay nothing if we aren't successful.

How it Works

Let us do the legwork to find your perfect hire in Latin America. With our recruiting service, you'll get a short list of top-notch, experienced, pre-vetted candidates. Pay nothing until you make a hire.

Schedule a Call
Review role requirements, agree on a budget, and approve job description
We Search & Screen
We'll post and advertise your job, field applications, and screen candidates.
Candidates Presented
We'll present 2-3 vetted candidates for you to interview, typically within 2-3 weeks
Make Your Hire
You hire the best candidate. If it doesn't work out within 90 days, we'll search for a replacement.

Why Hire in Latin America? (LATAM)

Lower Cost

Highly Educated

Time Zone Aligned

Culturally Aware

Tap into a large pool of highly qualified remote workers in Latin America for roles in customer service, operations, virtual assistants, sales, marketing, finance and administration.

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Some of our successful placements
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Executive Assistant from Venezuela



Digital Marketing Manager from Mexico



Sales Representative from Honduras



Operations Manager from Argentina

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Frequently Asked Questions

HireLATAM is a specialized platform connecting US companies with top-tier remote talent in Latin America (LATAM). By leveraging our extensive network, we streamline the hiring process, ensuring access to a diverse pool of skilled professionals across various roles, including Virtual Assistants, Marketing, Finance, and more.

Hiring virtual assistants through HireLATAM provides US companies with cost-effective and efficient solutions. Our platform ensures access to a highly qualified pool of bilingual virtual assistants who can handle administrative tasks, customer support, and more, contributing to increased productivity and scalability.

US companies can tap into our talent pool for marketing roles such as digital marketing specialists, content creators, and social media managers. HireLATAM facilitates the hiring process by connecting companies with marketing professionals who possess both local market insights and a global perspective, ensuring effective and culturally relevant campaigns.

HireLATAM streamlines the hiring of finance professionals by offering access to skilled individuals proficient in financial analysis, accounting, and strategic financial planning. US companies benefit from cost efficiencies while ensuring compliance with local regulations, thanks to our platform’s understanding of the Latin American business landscape.

HireLATAM prioritizes quality by implementing a rigorous vetting process, assessing candidates’ skills, experience, and cultural fit. Our platform ensures that US companies receive applications only from the most qualified candidates, facilitating a seamless hiring experience and fostering long-term, successful collaborations.

HireLATAM focuses on bilingual professionals, ensuring effective communication between US companies and their remote teams in Latin America. This commitment to language proficiency helps overcome potential barriers, fostering clear and concise collaboration in roles ranging from customer support to executive leadership.

Absolutely. HireLATAM specializes in connecting US companies with top-tier technical talent, including software developers, IT specialists, and data analysts. This enables companies to build agile and skilled remote teams, accelerating their technological advancements while enjoying the benefits of Latin American expertise.

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