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Explore our competitive pricing plans tailored to suit your hiring needs and unlock access to top-tier professionals across the region.

First Hire

$ 2900
/flat placement fee
  • No upfront payment
  • Fee only due upon completion of placement
  • 90-Day Free Replacement Guarantee for Hiring

Two hires or more

$ 2400
/flat placement fee per hire
  • No upfront payment
  • Fee only due upon completion of hires
  • 90-Day Free Replacement Guarantee for Hiring

Optional Add-on for all hires

  • Contractor Payment Administration on your behalf: $199 per hire fee per month
  • Supply equipment per hire for a flat service fee

Why Choose Us

Verified Skills

Tap into a pool of highly skilled remote workers from marketers, software, operations to sales

Cost-Effective Solutions

You can expect up to 70-80% savings in talent compared to US salaries.

Cultural Fit

Bilingual talent familiar with American business culture.

Outstanding English

All of our candidates are vetted for both spoken and written English.

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Client Testimonials

"HireLATAM made talent acquisition a joy – efficient, personalized, and precisely what our team needed. Their commitment to excellence transformed our hiring process, setting a new standard for success."
Emily Johnson
HR Director
"Our experience with HireLATAM was transformative, bringing us top-tier talent that aligned seamlessly with our company culture. Their dedication to understanding our unique needs made the entire collaboration a game-changer for us."
Benjamin Parker

Hassle Free Commitment with HireLATAM

90 day guarantee period: if the remote worker doesn’t work out within this period, we will replace at no cost to you.